Fragrance of Flowers — Day 11

Faith or Fear

Faith or Fear Fear is a spirit. The gospel of John tells us the Holy Spirit is like the wind, we can see the effects of the wind, it comes and goes, but we can’t see the wind. So it is with the spirit of fear, we can see its effects, but we can’t see… continue reading»

Fragrance of Flowers — Day 9


Learning to Live from Your Heart A definition that I think really sums up the word grace best is: The empowering Presence of YHVH in your life that enables you to BE all that you were created to be so that you can DO all that you were created to do. We fall short of… continue reading»

Who’s Your God?

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Who Is Your God?

Who’s Your God? In this world of subtle and not so subtle deceptions it is easy to lose track of who God/YHVH really is.  It is our human tendency as Believers in YHVH to perceive that we are worshipping YHVH with our whole heart, loving others as we would want to be loved, praying with… continue reading»