Testimonies of God’s Goodness and Grace

By Betty on April 6, 2016
This book helped me get back to the Bible and God for all answers to my loneliness and depression over losing a son and my husband. I came to realize that God was with me all the time. If anyone is going through situations, problems or circumstances where there seems to be way out, read this book and it will point you in the right direction to receive “that piece that passes all understanding.”

By Kim P. on September 1, 2016
God’s Power Lines greatly influenced my spiritual walk and at the same time was a science lesson stimulating my brain on a deep spiritual level. Shir Le was inspiringly transparent about her personal experiences and feelings. She used an abundance of scripture as reference not only to provide the instruction for help but to also validate her points.

God’s Power Lines is a science text book; an inspirational biography; and a devotional from beginning to end!

This very provocative book is in easy to read format and has a current that is electrifying to the soul and provoked me to do some heavy duty self-reflecting.
Just like electric current keeps our world powered up so must the “current” (prayer) be active and flowing to our Heavenly Father to keep us filled with hope and also that He may be displayed through us in magnificent ways.

This book is a great resource to teach us how to stay connected to the current of God so He will be able to use us as a brilliant light to glorify Him and His kingdom.

By Yvonne K on February 17, 2015

This book is a simple outline of how electricity works and draws a parallel with GOD being the source of our connection with a true and balanced life. The illustrations of electricity and the chemical balance of positive and negative ions at work in our bodies demonstrate that we would not be able to exist without this His power in our lives. Yashua created our minds and bodies. To keep the wholeness is to keep the connection with our creator always open. I really enjoyed all her personal experiences.